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Free 60 Minute Coffee Meeting

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Free 60 Minute Coffee Meeting

Advice and Action Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the free 60 minute coffee meeting?

Prior to committing to work together, I like to meet clients with no obligation so that we can get to know each other. I find that getting on the same page and understanding each other, goes a long way to producing the best results for clients. From there, we can decide what’s the best way to work together.

How do I prepare for my free 60 minute coffee meeting?

If you've been thinking about your situation, you're as prepared as you need to be. During the meeting we'll clarify where you're at and discuss the right next steps for you. You don't even have to bring any paperwork along!

Are your fees tax deductible?

Yes, usually a portion of the fee is tax deductible. Your unique situation will depend on what can be claimed and I'll work with your Accountant to confirm the figure for you.

I consider a number of different strategies for you to pay my fee most effectively for your situation. This includes payment plans, borrowing the fee, using superannuation, payment from your business, just to name a few.

Do you receive commissions, incentives or payments, other than payment directly from a client?

No, even though it is standard across the industry. All of those hidden costs reduces the effectiveness of your strategy, making it harder for you to achieve your goals. These are generally glossed over by a financial planner as it's a lucrative part of their business income.

Why are your fees more expensive than other financial planners?

On average, my clients save 30% in fees by working with me when compared to working with other financial advisers.

My fees seem more expensive as other financial planners don't appropriately disclose what total fees and commissions apply to your situation i.e. the sum of product fees, commissions and advice fees.

I clearly discuss the fees applicable to your situation, compare it to what happens in the financial planning industry and show you the impact on your situation over the long-term.

Are you "aligned" with any product providers?

No, I see that as a conflict of interest. Based on what your financial situation calls for, we'll discuss a number of options and their pros and cons.

What about banks, institutions, Accountants, stockbrokers, mortgage brokers, property developers etc?

Since 2005, I've worked with a diverse range of industries that complement financial planning. I'm happy to share with you what I've learned, how to find the best provider and how to get the best outcome for your situation. I'll also happily recommend businesses that I've worked with before that suit your situation - as above though, I don't receive any payments for this.