Get A Quote

  • For a quote that fits you, your family, your money, your goals and your lifestyle, give us a call on 07 5309 3988 and let's start talking about what you want and need.

  • There's a couple of different ways we work with clients: short term and long term.

For The Short Term

  • Got a business idea?

  • Want to talk about your mortgage?

  • Want to get a feel for what your financial options and strategies could be?

  • Want a second opinion on what your friends, family or financial planner is telling you?

  • If you want us to work with you on a specific project or for a short time-frame, we can do that.

  • Get in touch to discuss your situation and pricing.

    • Let's have a quick phone chat to talk about your situation (free).

    • Then, let's get coffee to better understand where you're at and what you want (also free).

    • From there, we'll let you know if one session will do it, or if it'll take a couple of sessions (indicatively $197 per 90 minute meeting).

For The Long Term

  • If you want us to work with you and together take you to the next level.

  • This is full service lifestyle financial planning and coaching.

  • You want someone to help you zoom out for the big picture of what's going on in your world, and understand the little details that can be overlooked. Someone that can work with you and your family, and any professionals that you like working with. Something that can strategise, discuss, implement, benchmark, and tweak as necessary.

  • We only ask you to commit to 12 months at a time. Money back guaranteed.

Round 1 – Discover

  • The first step is catching up for coffee to get an overview of where you're at (free).

  • From there, we'll have a meeting to discuss your situation in detail: your attitude and beliefs about money (and how they could be helping or hindering you moving forward), how you feel about your current situation including your money, time and health, then what you want to achieve and what you want to avoid.

  • Then, understanding where you are and where you want to be, we have a meeting to discuss where your challenges are as we see them - what needs to be addressed to get you there.

Cost: $297 (value $1,500)


Round 2 – Possibilities

  • Next is two meetings to discuss potential strategies (and outcomes) to work towards what you want to achieve. We collaborate together in shaping these as much as possible to your vision for your future.

Cost: $997 (value $3,000)


Round 3 – Action

  • Then, once your strategies are chosen, a plan is prepared that formalises what we're working towards (specifically over the next 12 months). We take on the heavy lifting of transitioning your situation with any necessary changes. When needed, we'll work with other professionals to make it happen.

  • Once we're working together, we'll catch up quarterly to formally review your progress, and make any changes to stay on track. Then we wrap it up at the end of the year to celebrate your progress towards your goals and start discussing for the next year.

Costs: Tailored to your situation and confirmed in Round 2 (starting from $6,997 for the first 12 month period)*


* We don't take any commissions, and our advice is designed specifically to help you achieve your goals. So not only are we usually 30% less expensive than other financial planning businesses, but we ensure you're making real progress towards your goals so you'll hire us again in year 2. Get in touch if you want to know more about why we don't charge commissions and why that's so important to us.