Money Coaching

What is money coaching?

Money coaching puts you in control of your financial situation: income, expenses (including bills, debts and short term goals), bank accounts and cash flow.

  • I’ll help you understand what you could be doing.

  • I’ll provide you tools and resources to approach money differently.

  • I’ll work with you to make the most of your financial situation today, for the future.

Money coaching is different for different people.

  • A family needs to consider different things to someone that lives by themselves.

  • A business owner needs to consider different things to someone that’s an employee.

  • A person in transition needs to consider different things to someone in a steady financial position.

How does it work?

1. Where You Are and where you want to be

I’ll establish a clear picture of where you are, including:

  • the background of your financial situation.

  • your income, expenses, assets, liabilities - and any other important figures that need to be allowed for.

  • a money flow diagram (how your money moves through your bank accounts and cards to your expenses).

Then, I’ll help you define your short-term goals ie what you want to take care of immediately and broadly discuss your longer term goals.

2. Strategy Discussions

I’ll discuss different ways you could approach what you’re currently doing, to get you on track to achieving your goals. This will include:

  • whiteboard sessions

  • scenario modelling

  • comparisons

3. Action

Following this, you’ll decide the best course of action and I’ll help you put it in place. If any tweaks or new strategies are needed, I’ll discuss with you how to best make changes.

What does it cost?

Take Action Package

Free 60 minute coffee meeting


Background Meeting

Strategy Meeting

Advice and Action Meeting

Email and phone support

In Depth Package

Free 60 minute coffee meeting


Background Meeting

Strategy Meeting

3 x Advice and Action Meetings

Email and phone support

The money coaching packages are designed for new clients and typically continue for 1-3 months, depending on how we space the meetings. In my experience, this is how long it takes to understand your situation, create strategies and take action.

Once we’ve established this foundation, clients generally become a Lifestyle Financial Advice client.

A 100% money-back guarantee

That's right. If you're unsatisfied (i.e. with my work, the change in your situation or results), I'll refund you 100% of your fees.

“You’re not just interested in our financials, you’re actually interested in us, as people. Who we are is important to you, not just our business.”

— Sharyn | West End, Brisbane