I’ve recently stepped out of my comfort zone long enough to publish a personal blog. It’s been an exciting adventure, I’ve wanted a to create a space for my writing for a few years. Creating my blog has had so many highlights and it’s awesome being able to express myself freely.

But, in this process I’ve been reminded again and again of something that inherently happens when we approach something new, when we stretch past our comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter if that’s creating a blog, a new business, a financial plan, a health program or anything else. We will hit a block which can feel like a perfect reason to quit and not move ahead.

These blocks will potentially undermine our new adventures and success. It’s crazy right! Why would we block ourselves from new adventures and success? It happens to all of us that we get nervous before doing something new. The body has this full on reaction, butterflies in the stomach, full of energy and our mind starts racing. Our conviction in what we wanted to do starts to waver and we get the wobbles in our confidence.

If we’re not aware that these blocks or resistance, hold an opportunity on the journey, it can feel easier to give up. Just think when you’ve done something challenging and it felt too hard, too uncomfortable and you wanted to quit, but you didn’t, you kept going (maybe with encouragement from someone else) and you reached your goal.

How did you feel?

I bet you felt amazing, and proud of yourself! And when you look back in hindsight what did you learn from working through those times when you felt the wobbles? And did you find it easier the next time you approached something challenging?

 I share my story about overcoming challenging situation recently when I climbing the tallest of the Glasshouse Mountains here.

I wanted to shine the light on this because when the wobbles hit, we can assume it’s time to stop but blocks are normal, more than that they are part of the process.

There is a space between where we are and where we want to be, and there are going to be blocks and resistance we come up against in that space. We so often look at other people’s successes and compare it to ourselves when we’re just beginning. We don’t know their journey or the blocks they overcame to get where they are.

Every next level of yourself requires a new you.

This resistance you experience in your personal goals is really similar to when you exercise.

We know that to get the results we want with our body that we need to move through resistance and plateaus (whether it be weight loss, muscle building or improving flexibility) .The place where the magic happens is out of the current comfort zone.

Most of us know this, so what stops us getting the body of our dreams? Well, resistance is uncomfortable. There is no comfort zone in resistance. Your muscle burns, your body starts to shake, fatigue kicks in and you’ll be feeling it the next day.

Think about when you go for a power walk, the magic comes when you push out of your comfort zone and get a puff happening and maybe a little sweaty.

Imagine if no one had told you about resistance in exercise. You’d never get a result, would you?

The same is true for your personal and professional goals.

And what starts happening as you move through each wobble?  What was creating resistance for you, isn’t so challenging any more. It’s easier, and before you know it you’re ready to up the intensity. You’ve reached a new level of what you’re capable of. Woo!

We feel resistance differently and we have different methods of coping with it. Because resistance is basically fear and what I’ve found happens is that you will revert to whatever self-sabotaging habits you’ve created during your life when you feel fear. Like a fight or flight reaction.

This could look something like, over controlling every little thing, procrastinating, using food or alcohol to avoid the situation, focusing on other people’s problems, staying in bed for days, being ‘too busy’ or just quit altogether.

The reaction to resistance can also show up in your thoughts, what once felt exciting and positive, might now feel impossible. Perhaps you feel undeserving, not good enough or that you don’t have enough resources. 

If you understand what your go-to self-sabotage is, then you can notice when those behaviours are happening. And leave the judgement behind, these feelings, thoughts or behaviours are generally on autopilot. So, you might notice them after the fact.

Every time you step up in a part of your life you will inevitably hit a block and get the wobbles.

As you move through it and step up there will a time of comfort before you’re ready to up the intensity, hit the next block and feel the wobbles, and when you do, you’ll be ready, you’ll notice it and know it’s all part of the process.  This cycle continues like this all through life. We are designed to desire and grow ourselves.

Be kind to yourself and celebrate the fact that if you’re uncomfortable, feeling the fear, resistance and you’ve got the wobbles, you’re probably doing something really brave; you’re breaking through your comfort zone and into new possibilities.

Go you!

Love, Jen x

Life Coach

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