"Are you living on purpose?"

By Jen Timmins

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As I sit and ponder life a quote comes to mind,


It’s not the years in your life that count,

it’s the life in your years.

– Abraham Lincoln.


Life is so precious, so why is it that so many of us aren’t living to our full potential?

Could it be that we don’t understand our own mortality? I think not, everyday we hear personal stories of another cancer diagnosis, a loved one getting a bad test result, a school friend committing suicide, a terrorist attack - the morbid list goes on.

Could it be that we’re not educated enough to create change? Hmm, that can’t be it either. More than ever we have access to so much information. Want to know how to eat healthier, Google it. Want to know how to create more peace in your life, Google it. Want to know how to spice up your life, Google it.

 So, it can’t be that we don’t know and it can’t be that we don’t have access to the information we need …

Then why is it that so many of us are spending more money than we have, living with depression or anxiety, eating foods that create disease in our body, living life on the couch with the company of our TV and iPhone, feeling unmotivated and just generally discontent.


Why are we disconnected from our lives? Why are we disconnected from ourselves?

It’s usual for clients to express that they’re overwhelmed, unsatisfied and unmotivated in their day to day. During coaching sessions, they express beautiful desires for their life but have a disconnect from what they want and what they’re doing. And here’s the real frustration: they’re expending precious energy, time, money and effort and they’re still feeling stressed and unsatisfied!

Let me ask you …


Are you expending your precious energy, time, money and effort and getting results you want?


If you answered yes, then high five to you! If not, then let me ask you another question …


Are you willing to do something different to get a different result?


You need to change what you do to change the result you get.

 You’re getting a result, you’re giving time and energy to get that result (whether you like the current result or not). From working with clients, what I know is that once you start making the choice to take intentional actions, you get more of the results you want.

First, you need to understand not just want you want but where you are now, accept that you are responsible for creating life as it exists today and then choose to take new action towards who and what you want to be.


It’s hard to get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are. Can you imagine getting Google Maps to work with only one destination? It just wouldn’t work. You need to get crystal clear on where you are now (point A) and what you want (point B).

This is an opportunity to look at what exactly it is that you’re not loving about how you’re living your life and more importantly, how you want to feel.


What do you want out of life, so at the end you will know that you really lived?


Acceptance and Accountability

Own it!


Can you take responsibility for where you’re at?


This is about owning what’s in your control. You’re not an island, you don’t exist alone and there are factors in life you simply cannot control but there is still plenty you can.

Being accountable for what you’re currently doing and the result you’re currently getting, puts you in a position where you can make better decisions.


What’s the best action to take? Now you know what you want, you’ve accepted that what you’ve done hasn’t worked …


What can you do now to move you in the direction of your dreams?


Perhaps it’s a change in mindset and perspective, maybe it’s a lifestyle change or recreating a relationship.

Take your life into your own hands and make a conscious decision to live with intention and purpose. Wake up knowing what drives you, what you want out of life, how you want to feel and live from that place. A place of love and courage!


Put life into your years.

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