"An ordinary life, or an extraordinary life. What do you want?"

By Jen Timmins

For the last couple of months, I’ve been proactive in heading along to hear a range of speakers talk on different topics. What I love about this, is being in a group of people and hearing about something in a completely fresh way, a new perspective.

Last week, I was in the audience listening to a speaker talk about how to be extraordinary in our lives. A few points really made an impact on me and how I'm approaching life - I thought perhaps it will do the same for you.

Firstly, to be extraordinary you can’t simply keep adding more of what you’re doing. More ordinary doesn’t equal extraordinary … more of the ordinary just makes it more ordinary. It makes sense, if we keep doing more of the same then we’re going to get the same result.

Check yourself.

Check in with your life, your work, your health, your body … how are you really doing? Are you ignoring what’s really going on in your world? Often the things that we describe as most important to us (relationships, family, money, health) don’t just change overnight.

Take your health for example, if you don’t exercise for a week you might not notice much difference in your energy levels, body shape and size and overall health but skip your exercise routine for a few months or even years and I guarantee you’ll notice. Perhaps you find it harder to take the stairs, you’ve gone up a few dress sizes, you don’t involve yourself in social activities as much. Your body didn’t change overnight, it was an outcome of time and behaviour.

The same goes with money. Spend a little over budget this month and it’s not going to cause much of an impact in your life, spend a little over budget every month for a year and you’re going to notice it.

It all sounds so simple on paper. Exercise regularly, eat well, spend less than you make, give time generously to your important people ... so then why are so many of us not in the body or financial position we want to be?

It’s easy to do and it’s easy not to do. And not doing "it" won’t impact you today or maybe even tomorrow. It’s what we do consistently that matters and we can be so busy on the treadmill of everyday life and making money that we forget the importance of really living. 

So, a check in with how satisfied and fulfilled you are is an opportunity to re-calibrate. It’s an opportunity to live the life you want and make decisions that support that. We can’t do that with our head in the sand.

A major impact on the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary life is not only to focus on your own wheel and satisfaction but also how you contribute to those around you.

Are you making a positive impact in this world? Do you lead by example and encourage others or are you doing the bare minimum? Can you take the way you show up for your family, colleagues, friends and community to extraordinary?

What does living an extraordinary life mean to you?

This is something only you can define. We are all so unique in our dreams, desires and what satisfies our soul.

When I ask myself these questions, I picture myself sitting in a rocking chair in my home, 80 years old, I’ve got photo’s around me, books I’ve read and I imagine myself thinking back over memories and special moments with a smile on my face and a happy heart.

Think of yourself at 80 years old, reminiscing over your life. What memories do you want to have? What would make you smile and laugh? What would make you feel proud? What memories do you want with your family? How would you want to be remembered? What would you want your legacy to be?

To have lived an extraordinary life at 80 years old is something that you can make an impact on now. What you do matters. The choices you’re making right now matter. Are you putting the care and effort in to the things that are important to you? If you were to score yourself now would you be happy with the answer?  

A perfect tool to check in with your world and life blend is a tool from Tony Robbins called The Wheel of Life.


The Wheel of Life is a quick and easy self-assessment across key areas in your life. It allows you to take a good, hard (but realistic) look at how satisfied you are in these areas such as career, health, parenting and money so that you can clearly see what areas need your attention.

You can do your own Wheel of Life assessment here.   

So now you know what areas you want to improve and take from ordinary to extraordinary, what are you going to do differently? What were the area’s in your wheel that need your attention?

Your power to transform your life is now in the present moment. Not in a week. Not on Monday. Now. How can you create change right now? Skip the coffee? Reach out to a friend in need? Finish that assignment? Go for a walk?

You’ve been given this one precious life … live it to your full potential!

Love, Jen x

Life Coach

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